8/13天古巴、墨西哥風情之旅 Viva Cuba! Viva Mexico!


★      古巴
‧ 坐古董車漫遊哈瓦那
‧ 維尼亞萊斯乘船穿越印第安洞穴
‧ 欣賞在西班牙要塞的鳴炮儀式
‧ 拜訪兩個古巴最迷人的殖民城市-特立尼達/西恩富戈斯
‧ 自然仙境-圖佩斯德科朗特斯
‧ 巴拉德羅享受迷人海灘

★      墨西哥
‧ 參觀世界上最大的花卉園
‧ 墨西哥城乘船遊覽霍奇米爾科運河
‧ 特奧蒂瓦坎—西半球最大的金字塔


★      Cuba
‧ Havana: Panoramic drive through the city in a classic car from the 1950’s
‧ Viñales: Boat ride through the “Indian Caves”
‧ Havana: Evening Cannon Ceremony at Spanish Fortress
‧ Trinidad/Cienfuegos: Visit two of Cuba’s most charming colonial cities
‧ Topes de Collantes: Visit the natural wonderland of the Escambray Mountains

★      Mexico
‧ “Jardines de México”: Visit the world’s largest floral garden
‧ Mexico City: Boat ride on Xochimilco Canals
‧ Teotihuacán: Guided visit of the largest Pyramids in Western Hemisphere


原居地   ✈   哈瓦那(古巴)
Home City   ✈    Havana ( Cuba )

住宿:Armadores de Santander Hotel或同級
Depart from home city to Havana, the capital of Cuba. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel for check-in and rest.


哈瓦那 ~ 維尼亞萊斯
Havana ~ Viñales

住宿:Los Jazmines Hotel或同級 (早、午餐)
Begin your day with a panoramic drive through Havana riding in old classic cars from the 1950’s. Be sure to have your camera ready for this unique experience. Then, transfer out of the city towards Pinar del Rio Province on the western end of the island with a stop at Las Terrazas, a beautiful ecological park abundant in natural scenery. There is a gorgeous river in the park which great for swimming if the temperature is right. Also, you can join one of the following optional activities in Las Terrazas: zip-lining, a guided tour of the park or horseback riding. Enjoy a hearty Cuban lunch at a charming, rustic restaurant in Las Terrazas. Afterward, we will continue towards Viñales making one more stop en route to visit the natural waterfall of Soroa. (B/L)


維尼亞萊斯 ~ 哈瓦那
Viñales ~ Havana

住宿:Armadores de Santander Hotel或同級 (早、午餐)
This morning we will tour the delightful village and countryside of Viñales. Enjoy lovely views of the Mogote Valley, made famous for its uniquely shaped hills, tobacco fields, and lush vegetation. You will be greeted by friendly locals on horseback and sense a wonderful energy that is specific to this township. There is an opportunity to visit a tobacco farm and learn how to expertly roll a cigar. You will also have the chance to visit an interesting site called the “Prehistoric Wall” and to take a boat ride through underground caves known as “The Indian Caves” before returning to Havana in the afternoon. This evening in Havana, we have planned an exciting tour of the historical complex of Castillo del Morro and La Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña. This is the site of two colonial fortresses perched on a cliff overlooking the harbor channel leading to the port in Old Havana (B/L)


哈瓦那~ 西恩富戈斯~ 特立尼達
Havana ~ Cienfuegos ~ Trinidad

住宿:Brisas del Mar Trinidad Hotel 或同級 (早、午、晚餐)
The first stop today will be in Cienfuegos, a city known as “The Pearl of the South”. We will walk its charming main boulevard and give you free time to explore its main square. Continue with a panoramic tour that includes a stop at “El Palacio del Valle”, an architectural jewel of Spanish and Moorish influences. We will arrange lunch here in Cienfuegos. Then, on to visit the city of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tour will take you to the city’s main streets and around its main squares with visits to “The Museum of The City” and to a renowned pottery workshop. (B/L/D)

備註: 如無法提供在特立尼達的酒店,翠明將保有權力改變路線,調整入住酒店和當日行程。酒店將改於位於西恩富戈斯的當地四星酒店。
*Note: In the circumstance that hotel accommodation is not available in Trinidad, we reserve the right to adjust the routing to visit Trinidad first and then Cienfuegos. Overnight, in this case, will be at a local 4-star hotel in the Cienfuegos area*


特立尼達 ~圖佩斯德科朗特斯 ~ 聖克拉拉 ~ 巴拉德羅
Trinidad ~ Topes de Collantes – Santa Clara ~ Varadero

住宿:Iberostar Playa Alameda Hotel 或同級 (早、午、晚餐)
After breakfast, we head up into the Escambray Mountains for an excursion in a Russian 4×4 truck to Guanayara National Park. Enjoy a panoramic visit of the Cuatro Vientos mountain community. Bring good walking shoes to enjoy a bit of hiking to “Charco Azul” and “El Rocio” waterfall. If you choose, you can swim in the natural river-fed pool of “El Venado”. Enjoy a fantastic lunch at “Casa de la Gallega”, a rural Hacienda. Later, head out of the mountains and down to Santa Clara city for a visit to the Ernesto “Che” Guevara Monument before we make the journey back to Varadero for overnight. (B/L/D)



住宿:Iberostar Playa Alameda Hotel 或同級 (早、午、晚餐)
Today is a free day for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach or the resort and its amenities. You may choose an optional tour organized by your tour guide. If the weather favorable, a boat excursion out to the island of Cayo Blanco. If the weather unfavorable an option to Saturn Cave or a Matanzas city tour. (B/L/D)


巴拉德羅 ~ 哈瓦那
Varadero ~ Havana

住宿:Armadores de Santander Hotel 或同級 (早、午餐)
After breakfast, head back to the capital city and proceed for a city tour of Old Havana with an experienced local tour guide. The tour will take place on foot and you will visit all the squares of Old Havana. Take in the astonishing beauty of the historical buildings, sculptures, and monuments. A visit to the Rum Museum is included. Enjoy free time in Old Havana to do your own exploring or perhaps some souvenir shopping. Then, meet back together with the group and transfer to your hotel for check-in. (B/L)


8天古巴風情之旅 (LACM8 )

參加8天團之團友,於第8天享用酒店早餐後,於指定時間,專車送往機場,乘航機飛返原居地。 (早餐)
For 8-day tour members, a departure transfer to the airport is provided and wish you a pleasant home ward flight. (B)



哈瓦那 ✈ 墨西哥城
Havana ✈ Mexico City

今早飛往墨西哥城。到達墨西哥城後,展開短暫的城市觀光。從索卡洛,墨西哥城的歷史中心開始。行程包括參觀由著名的墨西哥偉大藝術家- 迭戈‧里維拉於國家皇豁繪製的許多豐富多彩壁畫和令人印象深刻的大都會大教堂。接著,我們將繼續圍繞普爾特佩克公園和居住區觀光。最後,我們享用晚餐後入住酒店。
住宿:Royal Reforma Hotel 或同級 (早、晚餐)
Transfer to the airport this morning for the flight to Mexico City. Upon arrival in Mexico City, a brief city tour is arranged. We begin at The Zócalo, the historical center of Mexico City. The tour includes the National Palace, famous for the colorful murals done by one of Mexico’s greatest artists, Diego Rivera, and The Cathedral Metropolitana, the most impressive cathedral in all of Mexico. Then, we continue for some sightseeing around Chapultepec Park and residential area. Finally, we enjoy dinner and check-in at the hotel. (B/D)



墨西哥城 ~ 庫埃納瓦卡
Mexico City ~ Cuernavaca

住宿:Haciendo Cocoyoc Hotel 或同級 (早、午、晚餐)
Leave Mexico City this morning and head to Cuernavaca, “City of the Eternal Spring”. In Cuernavaca, we will tour the main square and see the Cortes Palace and Cathedral. Following our touring in Cuernavaca, we drive about 25 miles outside of the city to visit the world-class botanical garden site “Jardines de Mexico” inaugurated in 2014. These 126 acres of greenery showcase flowers and plants from all over the world with a special emphasis on those from Mexico. The site ranks as the world’s largest floral garden. (B/L/D)



霍齊卡爾科 ~ 塔斯科
Xochicalco ~ Taxco

早餐後,出發去參觀被聯合國教科文組織列為世界遺產的霍齊卡爾科,此處是強大的前哥倫比亞王國的廢墟。”霍齊卡爾科” 在當地語言的意思是滿屋子的花。隨後,你將有機會參觀迷人的考古區。然後,我們前往以墨西哥銀匠為名的城市-塔斯科,在塔斯科,我們隨導遊步行遊覽參觀聖百基拉教會,當地市場和白銀市場,您將有空閒時間自由購物或遊覽。
住宿:Haciendo Cocoyoc Hotel 或同級 (早、晚餐)
Morning set out to visit Xochicalco, a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of the ruins of what was once a powerful pre-Colombian kingdom. “Xochicalco” means “in the house of flowers” in the Nahuatl language. Then, we journey on to the picturesque colonial town of Taxco, capital of the Mexican silversmiths. We take a guided walking tour to visit Santa Prisca Church, the local market, and the silver bazaars. There will be free time for exploring or shopping. (B/D)



庫埃納瓦卡 – 霍奇米爾科 – 墨西哥城
Cuernavaca – Xochimilco – Mexico City

住宿: Royal Reforma Hotel 或同級 (早、晚餐)
We make the journey back to Mexico City today with an en route stop at Xochimilco, another UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its “floating gardens”. You will have the chance to take a ride by “trajinera” boat, nicely decorated with flowers, while cruising the ancient canal ways. Once in Mexico City, we will make a stop for you to visit The University, yet another UNESCO World Heritage site. Take photos of the central library, richly decorated with Mexican murals and motifs. (B/D)




住宿:Royal Reforma Hotel 或同級 (早、午、晚餐)
After breakfast, take an excursion to the archaeological site of Teotihuacán lying in the valley of Mexico. This is the world famous site of the “Pirámides del Sol y de la Luna” (Pyramids of the Sun and Moon). This was once the place of Mexico’s largest ancient city and the capital of one of the largest pre-Hispanic civilizations. At this site, you will also see and learn about “The Avenue of the Dead”, “La Ciudadela” and “Quetzalcóatl Temple”. Then, on the way back to the city, you will make a stop at one of Mexico’s most famous religious sites: The Shrine of Guadalupe. The shrine itself is a great example of Spanish Baroque Art and here you will learn about the fascinating tale of “the Lady from Heaven”. Tonight, we have arranged a farewell dinner at a typical Mexican restaurant with live music. (B/L/D)



墨西哥城 ✈ 原居地

Mexico City ✈ Home City

早餐後於指定時間前往機場返回原居地。 (早餐)
At the designated time, a departure transfer to the airport is provided and wish you a pleasant homeward flight. (B)